All Race Results and Videos on LiveRC

All race results and race videos since January 15th, 2016 are available on LiveRC at

After selecting the link above, a dashboard will be shown.  (these screen captures are from mobile, but the PC screen looks similar) Scroll down and you can view Live racing or data for the most recent event.


Select Events from the screen above to see the list of races.


Select one of the races shown above to see the screen shown below.


Select Mains to see a list of races for the selected Event, as shown below.


Select View Results to see the complete results and video for that race.


The image above is an example of what the race results look like.  Scroll down to to see the Race Video and Lap-by-Lap graph.


The image above shows the Race Video and Lap-by-Lap portion of the results.


Select the green plus dot (it changes to red minus) to see more details for that driver. Select View Laps to see the details for each race lap for that driver.


The image above shows the data for each race lap for a driver.