Entry fee changes and news.

Linda & I have been discussing for a while now, how to get more people interested & involved in the hobby of R/C Car Racing & how we can help grow the hobby. We have decided that a good way to gain interest is to make it more affordable for everyone, so starting this weekend our Friday Night & Saturday afternoon Dirt Oval Races will be just $10.00 per class! We’ll still have 30% pay out to the top 3 A-Main finishers, but it’ll cost everyone a little less to race. Tuesday evening Races will cost just $5.00 per class with no payout! This should encourage more people to want to come out to race & focus more on having a good time with family & friends than winning a few bucks. Kids Races are just $5.00 each race day, no payout on Tuesday.

We also decided that we have got to get the tabs under control. Most of you keep on top of your tabs but we need to make a change to keep our inventory up. Every dollar that’s owed on a tab is money we could have spent for inventory, so we need to get all tabs paid off by October 15th 2016 (that gives you 30 days). Starting this weekend as well, new tabs need to be paid before you leave. We have financing available through Synchrony Bank so if you need to pay something out over time please get with Linda or me to fill out an application.
We want to reward you guys & gals who refer & support Lawton RC Raceway & Hobby Shop, so if you bring a new racer, we’ll knock $5.00 off your race (you’ll race free on Tuesday). If you refer someone new to the Hobby Shop we’ll give you a gift card worth $10.00 for every $200.00 they spend on anything in the Hobby Shop (Drones, Airwheels, whatever)! Just make sure they mention you sent them or let us know beforehand.

Lastly, as a reminder, we’ll be racing indoors this Friday Night at 7:30pm. Practice starts at 6:00pm. Saturday is still a little up in the air as to what we’re doing. If it looks like rain & enough people show up, we’ll Race. If not we’re going to have a free practice day & demo the Airwheels for anyone interested.

Thank you all, we’ll see you soon

— Ian